Sunday 30 September 2018

Contramarea - Insistante (2017)

The debut album from this band from Argentina.

Contramarea is a duo of Edgardo Marchi on keyboards and Santiago Benedetti on drums.

The lineup is very unusual, I have to say. I cannot remember seeing a setup like this before.

The music is instrumental, though.

Instrumental it is and a mix of symphonic prog, RIO, zeuhl, fusion and jazz.

The drums here are really effective and something other synths wizards should check out. The drums adds a lot of hard textures and substance to the music. Music which tends to be pretty bland.

The fifty minutes long album Insistante is therefore not bland, thanx to the drums. The synths is also very good too.

The music is very dynamic with some zeuhl and RIO like tunes. The album though starts with a Soft Machine like intro which makes me very interested from the first tone.

There are some not so good stuff here. But there is not much of that. The overall quality is good throughout.

This is one of the few instrumental albums well worth checking out. I am not a fan of instrumental albums. But this one gets my approval.

3 points

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