Wednesday 13 January 2021

Aragon - Mr. Angel (1997)

The fifth album from this Australian band.

The band was a trio on this album with a lineup of programming, keyboards, piano, bass, guitars and vocals.

The band has lately re-released their album as Name Your Price album through Bandcamp and this album is one of them. 

I have earlier reviewed two of these re-released albums and I have quite liked them.

Aragon does pure, melodic neo-prog. Their take on neo-prog is neo-prog in it's purest form.

This means a mix of melodic symphonic prog and melodic rock.

The mood and music is upbeat and positive. The music reflect the cover art-work. It is a smiley form of prog in other words.

The vocals too is really positive and bright.

There is not many intricate details here. The music still works and this is an album somewhere between decent and good.

Check out this album from the link above.

2.5 points

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