Monday 9 September 2019

Purson - The Circle & the Blue Door (2013)

The debut album from this British band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of mellotron, organ, bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

Purson created a lot of interest with their second album from 2016. Then the main person here went solo. Yes, the band is the creation of Rosalie Cunningham.

Rosalie is also the vocalist here and does a very good job with the vocals. She has also written the songs here. There is no doubts she will continue to be a force in the music scene.

This album has an interesting cover art-work and it can give the record buyer a lot of ideas.... Some of them pretty misleading.

The album is fifty minutes long and gives us a mix of folk rock and psych rock. There is also some goth and metal on this album. There is not much metal here, though.

The album and the songs are looking backwards to the 1970s and the music is very retro. Black Widow is one of those bands which is a good reference here.

I am not sure if the lyrics is as occult as on Black Widow's albums. But the reference is relevant.

The music is good though and the songs really engaging. This is indeed a debut album who heralds something new and exciting. I am excited.....

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