Wednesday 12 August 2020

Univers Zero - Uzed (1984)

The fourth album from this Belgium band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of saxophones, drums, percussion, synths, whistle, tapes, bowed guitars, bass, balafon, bass clarinet, cello, clarinet and pianos.

The band is back again with a new album.

This time, the band has gone electric. But not as much as Bob Dylan once did.

The use of electric power is more of a subtle kind.

We are still not in the rock'n'roll world either. The band remains an avant-garde classical music chamber orchestra.

The music is now slightly more accessible than on the previous three albums. It is still pretty dark and epic.

There is some rays of sun in their music and there is even some very good melodies here.

Of their first four albums, this is their best and it proves that even more less complicated music can be very eclectic and dense. Something this album is.

It is indeed a good album and well worth a listen.

3 points

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