Thursday 11 October 2018

Tryo - Tryo (1996)

The debut album from this band from Chile.

Tryo was a trio with a lineup of cello, guitars, bass, drums and Spanish vocals.

This band from Valparaiso in Chile has released six albums so far and I will review them this fall and winter.

.. Starting with their self-titled debut album.

The band is listed as a fusion band in ProgArchives and rightly so.

...Although fans of heavy rock will also find a lot of music to be happy about on this album.

The band is a power trio here and sometimes breaks into power trio hard rock on this album. The Welsh band Budgie is a reference here.

There is also a lot of fusion here. But this is not a straight out fusion album.

So with fifty/fifty of each genre, this album rocks on.

The music is not too bad although it is not that exciting. There is a lot of guitar riffs here and some Spanish vocals. The album almost breaks into a death metal album at the end of this fifty-five minutes long album.

This is still a decent album but not an album I hope represent this band.

2 points

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