Friday 13 September 2019

Bruin. Christiaan - Inventions: Logica (2019)

The 12th solo album from this drummer and artist from Holland.

Christiaan Bruin on vocals, computers and drums had Theo Travis with him on flute and saxophone in addition to a string orchestra. Another guy did the narrations here.

I have earlier, many many years ago, reviewed the albums he released under the name Chris for both ProgArchives and # 1 of this blog. Albums I really liked.
I have also noticed that I have some albums of him he released under the name Black Codex. They too are up for reviews later this year.

 In addition to running his own solo career, Christiaan Bruin also does the drums for Nine Stones Close and Sky Architect. Both very good bands.

On this album, he deals with the art of making music. It is a concept album about creating music. I have never seen that concept before, but that is still a good idea for an album.

The music is somewhere in the symphonic prog land on this album. He has found a musical theme which is somber and melancholic. That is what this fifty-five minutes long album is. Somber and melancholic. It is broken up by narrations on a frequent basis.

The music is also borderline classical music at times. 

Christiaan Bruin has bettered himself (in Chris) by a country mile on this album. It is hard to believe,  but he has.

The result is a great great album which has improved the last two weeks of my life. I love this album. Check it out.

4 points

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