Sunday 14 March 2021

Glass Kites - Glass Kites II (2021)

The second album from this Canadian band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, organ, piano, synths and vocals.

This is their second album and the follow up to their very good self-titled 2012 debut album.

I noted a lot of post rock on that album.

I again note a lot of post rock. There are some ebbs and flows here.

There are also some airy dream pop and folk rock here. The mood is uplifting and positive with some very good vocals. There are even some hints of Saga here.

Most of the music is piano and keyboards based with the vocals on the top.

This album is short.... too short. Half an hour is short in the company of a band like Glass Kites. 

This is a short and good album. It is still a good album and I hope we will hear a lot more about and from this band. This is a band the scene really need.

3 points



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