Saturday 12 May 2018

Weather Report - This Is This (1986)

The 14th and final album from this US band.

Weather Report was a sextet on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, percussion, saxophones, keyboards and vocals.
The band was helped out by Carlos Santana on guitars, two tracks, and some vocals from guest male and female vocalists.

Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul was still in the band and played an active part here. Peter Erskine and Joe Zawinul was the producers here.

It feels like the soul is departing the band on this album. First of all..... a guitar. That is not Weather Report.

The contributions from Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul is also not what I am used to from their first eleven albums. Their play sounds sloppy and uninterested. So their biggest guns is not firing at all.

What is left is a half-baked jazz/fusion album who starts pretty good with Carlos Santana on the guitars before it tails off pretty immediate after that. There are some vocals and some attempts of creating jazz with African rhythms during these forty-six minutes of substandard music.

And that is how the band left the stage. With a decent album who does not live up to their good name and reputation. This is an album I would rather forget. And forget it, I will.

2 points

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