Monday 30 March 2020

Watershed Drag - Radiations (2013)

The third album from this US band.

I do not know anything about this band except from their albums. But their lineup is guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals. Both female and male vocals.

Their albums can be downloaded from here.

I really liked their 2012 The Smoking Mirror debut album and you can find my review from November the same year here.

I have for the last years been planning to follow up that review with the three other albums. I am dropping their Christmas album and will stick to this one and their most recent album.

The band debuted with the above mentioned album which was a mix of Mostly Autumn and Touchstones.

There is not much Mostly Autumn left in their music. Touchstones is still there and the music has become a lot harder. There is a lot of progressive metal here and some djent.

The vocals are really good. That is the only good thing about this very short album.

The quality is decent enough, but just that. If that sounds great to you, the album is available from the link about.

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