Tuesday 9 October 2018

Art In America - Cloudborn (2018)

The second album from this US band.

The band is a trio with a lineup of tambura, koto, drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals.
Some guest musicians has provided bass and keyboards.

The band released their self-titled debut album back in 1993. It is fair to say that this album is pretty bad, from what I have heard. Light pop music with some symph prog influences.

The band returns again this year with a more distinct progressive rock sound.

The roots of the music on this album is symphonic prog and neo-prog. Light and fluffy symphonic prog and neo-prog, though.

The sound is somewhere between English and the US symphonic prog and neo-prog.

The vocals are really good and ditto for the sound. The music is not really that complex although it is more complex that it sounds. This is a one hour long progressive rock album.

There is some rock and Americana influences in their music and some of the songs are really catchy. And there are also few reasonably complex pieces of music here.

I am not really overwhelmed by the quality of the music here. This is a decent to good album who is suffering a bit in the lack of quality songs. It is still worth checking out this album, though.

2.5 points

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