Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Dyble. Judy - Talking With Strangers (2009)

The fourth album from this English artist.

Judy Dyble did the vocals and autoharp on this album.
She was supported by numerous other musicians on woodwinds, strings, guitars, synths, piano, organ, e-bow, bass, drums, percussion and background vocals.

Judy Dyble has carved out an admirable career on her own after her stint in Fairport Convention. I like the previous albums indeed.

This is a career based on her excellent vocals. It is also a career based on choosing and writing just the right material for her voice and her visions.

There is a poignant version of ELP's C'est La Vie on this album. A version that brings back memories of Greg Lake and Keith Emerson.... and a tear to my eye.

The rest of the songs does not let the listener down either.

The twenty minutes long song Harpsong proves that Judy Dyble is not just a singer living on old merits. It is a very, very brave piece of music and she pulls it off.

Harpsong ebbs and flows. It is never really anything less than interesting and very good.

The end result is a very good album from a brave lady who are not afraid of taking risks. I am impressed.

3.5 points

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