Monday 8 July 2019

Lüger - Lüger (2010)

The debut album from this Spanish band.

The band was a quintet on this album with a lineup of organ, synth, drums, samples, bass and vocals.

This Spanish band has so far released two albums. I got both of them and will review the other one later this month.

The band is something as rare as a Spanish krautrock band. The likes of Faust, Can and Neu springs to mind here.

The music is pretty easy and simple. It has a lot of indie feel too.

The organ is pulsating over some synths and guitars. The drums is also doing a good job with the bass keeping it all together.

There is also a lot of vocals here and that brings the indie aspect into play. There is also some ambient krautrock here.

The quality is actually good throughout. There are a lot to be happy about here if krautrock is the thing for the listener.

Check out this album.

3 points

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