Sunday 13 May 2018

Tamam Shud - Evolution (1969)

The debut album from this Australian band.

Taman Shud was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

My Australian friends will forever wonder why this band never really got worldwide success. They have got a point. I think the band was from the wrong part of the world. Even Rose Tattoo, Easybeat and AC/DC had problems breaking out of Australia in a time where there was no internet and not much trade between Australia and USA & Europe.
The band has so far released four studio albums.

Taman Shud played psychedelic beat music. There is a lot of sunny beach rock in their music too.

The forty minutes long album starts with some catchy, sunny beach beat songs before it becomes a bit more mellow and balanced.

The vocals and the guitars are good. The songs sounds a bit dated.

And that is what this album is. Dated. There is still some pretty good songs here though. This is an album well worth checking out as it is a decent to good album.

2.5 points

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