Thursday, 23 April 2020

Alux Nahual - Alux Nahual (1981)

The debut album from this band from Guatemala.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of violin, cello, flute, keyboards, percussion, drums, guitars, bass and Spanish vocals.

This band is said to be the most important and even the best ever progressive rock band from Middle - America. That means Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua and Guatemala....

The band has released ten albums but I have only got their first two albums. The other one will be reviewed later this spring.

The music on this album is a mix of folk rock and symphonic prog.

That means Latin-American folk rock and symphonic prog.

There is some strong Genesis and some Jethro Tull influences here. And there is some tropico influences.

The songs are pretty catchy and the vocals are good. There is no doubts the band is talented and they use what they got wisely on this album.

This is a good folk symphonic prog album and one well worth checking out.

3 points

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