Sunday 27 January 2019

Tryo - Viajes (2005)

The fifth album from this band from Chile.

The band were a trio with a lineup of cello, acoustic guitars, marima, vibraphone, udu, cymbals, toms, crotalos, indian drum, xaxixi, darabuka, choir and vocals.

Tryo started out as more or less a metal band on their first albums. They soon changed style though and became unpredictable.

But even I did not expect Viajes.

The music has been stripped of most instruments. There are no electricity here and everything is acoustic..... and barely that.

The music here is by all means avant garde/RIO. That is the only genre who fits the description.

The music is pretty melodic at the end and has some vocals then. Before that, the music is pretty dense with details and not so melodic.

The quality is pretty good throughout. Even the melodic and vocals parts at the end.

I fear the avant-garde/RIO fans is missing out on an album they will really like because this band is labeled as a fusion/jazz band in most archives. This though is not anywhere near this genre.

This is a decent to good album which will positive surprise a lot of people.

2.5 points

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