Saturday 4 April 2020

Gentleland - Once Upon A Time (2017)

The one and only album from this Mexican band.

Gentleland was a couple of brothers, the Storms brothers. The lineup is what I understand guitars, bass, drums, synths, programming and vocals.

It is quite a pain for a reviewer that there is not much info about this band. This album more than deserve a review.

The music is a mix of pop rock and progressive rock.

There is quite a lot of Queen walking around on this album. The songs are still pretty simple and poppy. There are also some ELP and ambience popping up on this album.

The vocals are OK and there are some good guitars here on  this fifty minutes long album.

The sound is kind of bedroom sound with some proper recordings done through laptops. The sound is not too bad. Nevertheless, this album has this bedroom feel.

Their ideas is cool and there is no musical reasons for the band to give up the ghost.

But maybe it was not to be, Gentleland. This is a decent album which I am afraid is pretty much a lost cause.

2 points

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