Tuesday 29 January 2019

Tangent. The - Proxy (2018)

The tenth album from this British band.

The Tangent is a sextet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, saxophone, flutes, Hammond organ, synths, bass, drums, backing vocals and vocals.

Andy Tillison is the main man in The Tangent and he has been present from day one of this band, twenty years ago. The first nine albums has been interesting, to say at least.

Interesting and challenging. Dull and boring is words not associated with The Tangent and Andy Tillison.

The music and the niche The Tangent has chosen is a blend of symph prog and Canterbury prog.

That is again what we get on the seventy minutes long Proxy. An album about these times where we are ruled by a proxy for most things.

The lyrics are very important on this album and in the forefront of the sound and the music. Andy Tillison has something to say and it is not something I can disagree with. That message is floating on the top of some music which sometimes moves into jazz and a bit avant-garde Canterbury prog.

The music is by all means good. Proxy is not the best ever The Tangent album though. It is still a good album from a band of whom I buy everything as it is a very relevant band and whose albums and music is always in the forefront of the progressive rock world.

3 points

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