Thursday 7 January 2021

Minasian. David - The Sound of Dreams (2020)

The fourth album from this UK artist.

David Minasian does some of the keyboards, guitars, percussion and vocals himself. 

He has got help of around ten other musicians who has provided drums, bass, flute, guitars, keyboards, percussion and vocals.

The list of the most known guests can be found on the cover art-work above. But for those who cannot find it, the likes of Annie Haslam, Billy Sherwood, Justin Hayward and Steve Hackett makes some very good contributions to this album.

The music is a bit of a middle of the road symphonic prog. It is also bordering to rock, the music on this album. 

This well over one hour long album has a lot of good music and it is indeed a good album. There is no outstanding pieces of music here or even a killer track. But it is always nice to hear Annie Haslam again and her vocals is the best thing on this album.

This is an album symph prog fans must check out.

3 points



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