Saturday, 15 December 2018

Barre. Martin - Roads Less Travelled (2018)

The seventh album from this British guitarist.

Martin Barre plays banjo, mandolin, mandola and guitars on this album.
He has hired in guest musicians do to vocals, bass, drums and hammond organs.

Martin Barre was on of the main musicians in Jethro Tull. Ian Anderson was the other one and he has continued with the Jethro Tull name. It is as far as I understand some bad blood here and I am not going to investigate this matter. It is the music that really matters.

He has released seven albums on his own and this is my first meeting with his solo-career.

I did expect some sort of cosy pop-rock here. I feared that.

But I was pretty much wrong.

Martin Barre is very much continuing on the Jethro Tull path on this album. That means folk rock with some prog rock too. There is not much prog rock here. There are also some standard rock here.

Most of this album can be compared to the more folk rock parts of Jethro Tull. And that goes down very well in my office !

The songs are good on this three quarters of an hour long album. The title track is the best one here. There are also some very good guitar playing here from Martin Barre.

This is a very much enjoyable good album and it comes recommended.

3 points

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