Sunday 6 May 2018

Servants Of Science - The Swan Song (2017)

The debut album from this English band.

Servants Of Science is a sextet with a lineup of percussion, guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and vocals.

The band is a cooperation of several old bands from Brighton on the south coast of England. The album was released during the final days of last year.

Their music is a mix of neo-prog, psych rock and post rock. The music is melodic, but with a psych and post rock twist. A pretty large twist too.

The vocals and the guitars sounds twisted and distorted. There is a lot of studio trickery on this album. There is a psych feeling too in their music. 

This album is just over forty minutes long. The sound is really cool. The music..... Well, it leaves a lot to be desired.

There is no real good song here. The art of great songwriting has eluded this band, I am afraid. This is not a bad album. But I am still a bit disappointed......

2.5 points

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