Thursday 6 December 2018

Tryo - Patrimonio (1999)

The third album from this band from Chile.

Tryo was a trio again with a lineup of cello, guitars, bass, percussions, drums and some vocals.

The band started out as a bit of a progressive metal band and then moved more towards jazz. Something described in my reviews of their first two albums you can read somewhere else in this blog.

This album is more a jazz album than a metal album. There are indeed some metal here too.

The music is minimalism jazz with mostly guitars, bass and drums.

There are also a couple of songs here and that breaks up the rather austere sound and music. Mostly austere sound and music.

There are also some progressive metal here. But this is a dominant jazz album. That with some fusion too.

I am not really won over by this album either as it does have much good stuff. It has no good songs and melodies. It is a decent enough album though...

2 points

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