Thursday 29 November 2018

Doracor - Passioni Postmoderne di un Musicista Errante (2016)

The ninth album from this Italian band.

Doracor is Corrado Sardella on keyboard, synth with friends.
His friends is adding flutes, trumpet, guitars, keyboards, bass, electric violins, saxophones, drums and Italian vocals.

There are members from I Pooh, La Maschera Di Cera, Paradox, Delirium, Mangala Valis and Labyrinth involved on this album.

I have reviewed their previous albums in # 1 of this blog and have lukewarm relation to them. Not all their albums are good. 

The album is two CDs and ninety minutes long.

The sound is good and the vocalists does a great job. Ditto for the other musicians. 

The music covers a lot of ground. From music bordering to muzak and neo-classical music to RPI and more symphonic prog.

Most of the music is bombastic and theatrical dramatic. It is also very elegant without being too sugary sweet.

And this is a good album from this veteran band. I like this album a lot and would recommend it to anyone who likes elegant music. Check it out.

3 points

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