Sunday 1 July 2018

Starfish64 - The Future In Reverse (2018)

The seventh album from this German band.

Starfish64 is a sextet with a lineup of mandolin, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

This is my first meeting with this band and their music. I have not heard their six first albums and their numerous EPs. They are all Bandcamp and CD releases so I should have heard about them. My bad !

Their music is based on neo-prog. Neo-prog with a lot of indie and college rock influences. There is also a lot of Pink Floyd, RPWL and mid 1990s Rush influences here. There is also some west-coast and folk rock influences here.

The music is floating around the vocals and is not particular heavy. The music is pretty laid-back with some guitar solos and good vocals.

We get almost fifty minutes of their music on this album. And it is a good album without any weak tracks......... or any great tracks.

It is perhaps a good idea to check out this band. Both this album and their back-catalogue.

3 points

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