Sunday 28 March 2021

Apogee - The Art Of Mind (2015)

The eight album from this one-man band from Germany.

Arne Scafer does the vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards himself.

A guest does the drums and percussion.

As this review is made on the back of the new album from another German one-man band, Yacobs, it is interesting to compare them. The similarities between them are obvious as both are neo-prog bands.

The difference is that Apogee gives us more complicated music while Yacobs gives us more organic melodies. Both styles are good and I like both bands a lot.

The Art Of Mind is a complex and at times very epic piece of music. It got some The Tangent influences and a lot of symphonic prog influences.

The music is complex and epic. It is not particular hard though. Apogee has it's own niche in the neo-prog genre and this album enforces this niche and also gives us a solid good album.

This album is a good album both for the soul and the brain.

3 points

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