Saturday 3 July 2021

Arc of Life - Arc of Life (2021)

The debut album from this multi-national band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

Arc Of Life is 4/5 ex and present Yes members and one Sound Of Contact member. 

Jon Davison is the ex Yes vocalist who sounds like Jon Anderson. He does the vocals here.

This album starts with a good songs who reminds me about good old Yes. 

... And that song is a false summer as the album dips into a bit of a funky AOR territory with lots of strange melody structures. The Owner Of A Lonely Heart era springs to mind and it is not a good memory. Ditto for the last two Yes albums.

And that is where we can place this album. As a kind of an unofficial Yes album with music from the last two Yes albums era. 

The result is a bit of a disappointment from an album I had been looking forward to give a long listen. It is a decent enough album and that is all.

I am left wanting a lot more.

2 points 

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