Sunday 29 July 2018

Izz - Sliver Of A Sun (1999)

The debut album from this New York, USA band.

Izz was a quintet with a lineup of percussion, drums, piccolo, bass, guitars, synths, piano and vocals.
The band had help from three guest musicians who provided guitars, flute and female vocals.

This band has so far released eight albums and I got a handful of them. Albums up for reviews these days and weeks.

Sliver Of A Sun is an album with many different influences and styles.

It is pretty easy to hear that the band is from New York. It has this bohemian style, this album. There is also some folk, AOR and progressive rock here. The progressive rock is a mix of neo and symphonic prog.

The sound and music is light and airy. It is not heavy music at all.

There is a lot of light guitars, vocals and synths here. The music is not meaty and bombastic at all.

It is a debut album and there is a lot of ideas tried out here. Most of them are not working that well.

This is another decent to good debut album. It shows some promise and that is all.

2.5 points

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