Friday 14 September 2018

3 - To The Power Of Three (1988)

The debut album from this UK band.

The band is an offshot of ELP with Carl Palmer on drums, Keith Emerson on keyboards and Robert Berry on bass, guitars and vocals.

Greg Lake was on other duties around this time and the rest of ELP wanted to do another album. Robert Berry filled the gap.

... sort off...

There is nothing wrong with Robert Berry at all, though. But this album and this band is not ELP. His vocals are good and the keyboards are rather good too.

The music here is AOR of the more commercial sort.

The music is really lacking in any form of imagination and is following a well trodden path. There is nothing new and not much to be pleased about on this album.

A couple of the songs here are rather decent to good, though. And this album is not as bad as Love Beach.

On the other side, this is barely a decent album and not one I will ever listen to again. Hence the rating.

1.5 points

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  1. I remember when this came was I excited. Then I bought it and slapped it on the turntable and was put off at once. Commercial crap! So very disappointing. It was a rough time for prog those 80s... besides Fish-era Marillion and bands like Pallas, Twelfth Night, The Enid and a few other bands who'd never cross the pond and come to America it was slim pickings.