Saturday 11 January 2020

We Are Kin - Bruised Sky (2019)

The third album from this British band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of synths, bass, drums, piano and female vocals.

I have never heard about this band before this album dumped into my inbox some time ago.

A new band, a new soundscape. This time totally without any guitars. The synths and pianos slots in behind the vocals. And they do that nicely. There is no need for guitars here.

Emma Brewin-Caddy does a very good job on the vocals and is dominating this album.

The music is pretty much minimalism progressive rock. There is some electronica here in this folk rock based take on progressive rock.

The music sounds fresh, although a bit too reliant on the vocals.

There is a lot of vocals but not so much space for the instrumentalists to shine.

The songs here are not particular good. They are fairly decent and elevated by the vocals to something better than they are.

There are only so much you can do with faltering songs and this album falls a bit short, I am afraid.

2.5 points

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