Sunday 17 February 2019

Sherpa - Tigris & Euphrates (2018)

The second album from this Italian band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.
The band had help from two other guest musicians who provided bass and keyboards.

I am not perhaps listening enough to slowcore, drones, doom and very slow psychedelic rock. There are a lot of very good bands and albums in this genre.

Sherpa has released two albums in that genre and I have just recently become aware of them.

Their music is doomy and slow. There are some drones and psych rock here too. There are a lot of post-rock influences too.

The music also has a lot of Indian and Asian feel too.

The music is a bit too simple and stripped down for it to really work as well as I had hoped it would do.

The music on this forty odd minutes long album is decent enough. But does not offer up much in the quality stake.

Check out this album if this kind of music is your cup of tea.

2 points

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