Saturday 12 January 2019

Quidam - Sny Aniołów (1998)

The second album from this band from Poland.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of cello, flute, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion and female vocals.
The band also had some help from strings and woodwinds players.

I believe this and the next album also came in an English version as the lyrics and vocals here are in their native language. I have decided to ignore these two English versions and rather review the Polish versions as they feel more natural.

I was impressed by their 1996 self-titled debut album and you can read my review somewhere else in this blog. Good female vocals dominated art/neo-prog.

Emila Derkowska is again at the microphone and does a superb job. The style is very much neo-prog with a nod towards Pendragon and the 1990s British neo-prog rock scene.

The difference is the added Polish influence. Influence in both the vocals and in the music which is pretty emotional at times.

This fifty minutes long album has no real great tracks. Nevertheless, this is a very elegant album with good tracks throughout.

This is very much an album worthy an investigation. I am starting to really like this band and more reviews are to follow.

3 points

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