Sunday, 25 April 2021

Gordon. Ian - His Quiet Hands (2021)

The eight album from this British artist.

Ian Gordon does the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals himself.

Jennifer Gordon adds female vocals on two tracks.

My only meeting with Ian's music is my review of his 2011 album Terminally Brave I did some years ago. It is a good album.

His Quiet Hands is a collection of unreleased old songs from 2001 and there about. 

Most of the songs are in the singer-songwriter tradition with lots of vocals and not so much technical challenging music. The music is rock, bordering to art rock. There is no sing along commercially catchy songs here so comparisons with Billy Joel and Elton John... or Prince is not fair. 

The songs are pretty melancholic and sad. The vocals are really good.

This one hour long album is not the most exciting album around and there is only glimpses of vocal-free music here. 

The result is still a decent to good album. Half of the songs are good and the rest falls a bit short. It is an album well worth checking out if no thrills rock is your game.

2.5 points

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