Monday 21 May 2018

Ash Ra Tempel - Starring Rosi (1973)

The fifth album from this German band.

Ash Ra Tempel was a duo on this album with Manuel Gottsching (guitars, congas, synths, mellotron, electric piano, bass and vocals) and the "star" here, Rosi Muller (concert harp, vibraphone, voices and vocals).
The duo had help from two other musicians who provided drums, bass and percussion.

I have reviewed some other Ash Ra Tempel albums and you can read these reviews somewhere else in this blog.

It is fair to say that this band is one of the better krautrock bands. I still rate Agitation Free as the best one. But that is my view. A view which may change in due time.

.... Anyway....

This album starts with the traditional guitar solos improvisations from Manuel before Rosi's voices and vocals comes more into play. There is a lot of interchangeable playing between these two throughout this thirty-five minutes long album. The music is mostly very spaced out on this album too.

This is not really one of their best albums. It is still a good album and one to enjoy if krautrock is your cup of tea.

3 points

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