Wednesday 26 September 2018

Mystery - Destiny? (1998)

The second album from this Canadian band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.
Some guest musicians also provided special FX, violin, narration and vocals.

I really liked their 1996 debut album Theatre Of The Mind and you can find my review here.

The band returns two years later with another album.

The Kansas influences and the symphonic prog is mostly gone. What is remaining is a mix of neo-prog and progressive metal.

The music is really heavy here and in the vein of Dream Theater and other prog metal bands.

There is a lot of good guitars and some good vocals here. Ditto for good keyboards.

This one hour and five minutes long album is both steady and solid. The band rocks off and gives us some good songs too.

I am not really won over by this album as the production and the music sounds far to sterile for my liking. That said, it is difficult to fault this album on anything.

Good, but not great is my verdict on this album. A bit more sparkling music on the next album is what I want.

3 points

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