Friday 9 November 2018

Ut Gret - Ancestors' Tale (2014)

The fourth album from this US band.

Ut Gret is a quintet with a lineup of clarinet, Chapman stick, percussion, guitars, electronics, drums, bass, mellotron, organ, electric piano, piano, samplers, marimba, vibraphone, bassoon, contra basson and flute.
Three guest musicians provides saxes, double bass, didgeridoo, violin, flutes, percussion and female vocals.

This album was one of the big sensations in the prog rock scene back in 2014. I got it as it was released by AltRecords... but I found it a bit too avant-garde for me. So I left it to now.

And this album is indeed an avant-garde/RIO album. Picchio Dal Pozzo is a band that springs to mind when I listen to this album.

The music is still melodic though... The female vocals adds a lot to this album.

There is also some really cool jazz here with good woodwinds throughout. The organ also adds a lot to this album.

The music is very good throughout this one hour long album. This album function best as one hour long entity where the very good stuff comes thick and fast.

I am glad I waited these years to immerse myself into this album. It is an album that grows on me. Not to mention the avant-garde/RIO genre itself.

Check out this album !

3.5 points

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