Friday 19 March 2021

Face The Day - Stuck In The Present (2018)


The second album from duo from the Czech Republic.

Filip Kitnar does the drums while Martin Schuster does the vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards and other instruments.

Three guest does electronics, saxophones, bass, violin and guitars.

I have not had the pleasure to listen to their 2016 debut album Corroding Dreams. But I have heard that it was a pretty hard album with some hints of Katanoia.

The first ten minutes of the thirty-eight minutes long Stuck In The Present album is neo-prog. Unashamed neo-prog with some light vocals which makes me believe it is female vocals. Maybe it is. The male vocals is light and pleasant. 

Yes, I can see why Katanoia has been mentioned when it comes to this band. Porcupine Tree is also a very good reference. Add some goth and the neo-prog mentioned over and you get this band.

The music is reasonable melodic though and is based on contrasts between the lighter stuff and the djent stuff.

I am pretty much won over as this is a good album. I am not sure if the band is still around. Nevertheless, those who took part on this album can be satisfied with themselves.

3 points




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