Tuesday 15 October 2019

Paladin - Jazzattack (2002)

The third and final album from this British band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of slide guitar, guitars, bass, drums, grand piano, electric piano, organ, harmonica, percussion and vocals.

The band unexpected returned again decades after their last album. Maybe this is archive material or a lost third album recorded in the 1970s. I guess one of these two alternatives.

The album starts out as fusion and jazz album before it broadens out in other directions.

We even get several chords of and an alternative approach to most of the chords in Camel's Rhayader masterpiece. Which is a bit cheeky.......

There is some Camel like stuff here, yes. There is also some blues and some rock here. Even a rock ballad with vocals and the whole package.

This album is a bit bewildering and not entirely in tune with their first two albums....

Most of the stuff is really working fine here with a sharp drop of quality at the end of this one hour long album. It is by no means a bad album. It is not a good album either..

It is a decent album who can safely be ignored if none of the above sounds tempting.

2 points

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