Friday 15 November 2019

Goblin - The Devil Is Back (2019)

The 23rd album from these Italian legends.

The band is now a quartet with a lineup of bass, keyboards, drums and guitars.

Claudio Simonetti is at the helm of this band and they are still touring and gigging for full houses. Mostly theatres.

The band is in truth true legends with a history going back fifty years.

And Claudio Simonetti is still composing and coming up with new music. Music in the good old Goblin style and tradition.

The music on this album has a sinister undertone.... and it is not even a soundtrack for an Italian gore and horror movie.

The undertone of gore and horror is still there on this instrumental album. This is not elevator or shopping mall music. Neither is it all out horror music.

The interactions between the instruments are really good and ditto for the sound. An Italian progressive rock sound.

Not all of the music here is great. But on average, this is a good album which very much defends being labelled a Goblin album. Fans of this band should be satisfied.

3 points

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