Saturday 14 March 2020

Hammill. Peter - Over (1977)

The sixth album from this British artist.

Peter Hammill did the guitars, keyboards and vocals himself.
He had help from the rest of Van Der Graaf Generator on violin, bass and drums.

Peter Hammill had and still have a solo career in addition to his leadership of Van Der Graaf Generator (VDGG).

I am a big fan of VDGG and I have also started to dive into Peter Hammill's solo output. See the reviews of the first five albums somewhere else in this blog.

Peter is the voice of VDGG and there is no denying that there is similarities here.

The big difference is that his albums is much more stripped down and his voice much more personal.

Over is a good example.

The music is pretty angry at times. There is also some pop here which would have been totally out of kilter on a VDGG album.

Over is very much a stripped down album based on vocals and some rather tasteful less is more instrumentation.

The quality of the music is good throughout this album. It is an enjoyable album where Peter really excels. It is an album well worth checking out, indeed.

3 points

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