Sunday 24 January 2021

Light Coorporation - Aliens From Planet Earth (2012)

The second album from this band from Poland.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, violin, guitars, tape recorders, saxophone and cello.

This band is mostly unknown although they have released five albums. The last one back in 2017. 

The music on Aliens From Planet Earth is rio/avant-garde.

Although the saxophone is the major instrument here, there is not much happening on this one hour long album.

The soundscape is sparse populated and full of silence.

This album is more on the extreme avant-garde side of the avant-garde genre. 

I am not particular impressed by the quality as there is hardly any decent pieces of music here. The final piece of music, Aquarium Of The Universe is bordering to good though and the band may have some quality. I do not know as this is the only album I have with them.

This album is only for diehard avant-garde fans only.

1.5 points



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