Monday 20 January 2020

If - Double Diamond (1973)

The sixth album from this British band.

The band is a sextet with a lineup of guitars, bass, synths, piano, organ, woodwinds, percussion, drums and vocals.

This band has been our country's answer to Blood, Sweat & Tears for many years.

The difference though is that If did British rock with woodwinds. There is not much elegance here.

There is a great deal of pub rock in their music. Add a lot of blues too and you get the picture.

The flute and the saxophones adds some more class to the music. Ditto for the organ.

The guitars and the vocals are pretty raw and aggressive.

This forty minutes worth of music has some very decent music. There is no real good music here though and that is my only gripe with this album.

This is an OK album and well worth some attention.

2 points

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