Saturday, 19 June 2021

Brimstone Solar Radiation Band. The - Smorgasbord (2009)

The third album from this Norwegian band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of percussion, drums, bass, guitars, bouzouki, sitar, organ, piano and vocals.

I reviewed their fourth album, the 2014 album Mannsverk, back in October 2014 but never came around to review Smorgasbord before now although I have had this album for the last eight years.

That has been my mistake.

The band is regarded as a space and psych rock band. I would rather say psych rock and that too is the case for the Mannsverk album.

Melodic psych rock with a lot of The Beatles and 1960s beat is what we get here. There is also a lot modern psych rock on this album.

It is interesting to see that many Norwegian prog bands from the same city as this band has adopted their sound and music too. As far as I know, this band is no longer around but this genre is very much around in Norway.

This one hour long album has some good vocals and a lot of quirky details. This is indeed a good album and one to check out. 

3 points

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