Friday, 24 May 2019

Collage - Baśnie (1990)

The debut album from this band from Poland.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, percussion, drums, bass and Polish vocals.
A guest musician provided keyboards.

It is fair to label Collage as one of the pioneers, if not THE pioneer of Polish neo-prog. A very big scene these days. And a healthy one.

Is this the album that sparked of this scene ? It probably is. When Collage broke up after four albums, Satellite was formed (see my reviews of their albums).

The music here is a mix of Marillion, IQ and Pendragon. I find a lot of stuff here who reminds me about Clutching At Straws, my favourite Marillion album. There is some melancholy here. Melancholy which sets this country's neo-prog scene apart from the other scenes.

The music has a lot of guitars and keyboards. It is at times very bombastic. Nothing and no one is spared on this album. 

This album has Polish vocals throughout the album. That is a nice difference from most other bands.
The vocals are good, btw.
Ditto for the rest of the musicians.

The general quality of the songs on this fifty minutes long album is very good throughout. It is a highly remarkable album and it is up there among the better neo-prog albums this planet has ever spawned. It is highly recommended.

3.5 points

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