Thursday 31 October 2019

Cunningham. Rosalie - Rosalie Cunningham (2019)

The debut album from this British artist.

Rosalie Cunningham did the vocals, bass, guitars and keyboards here.
She had help from guest musicians who provided drums, bass, guitars, percussion and violin.

Rosalie Cunningham were the main person in the band Purson who released two very good albums before they split up. You can find my reviews somewhere else in this blog.

It is pretty obvious from the Purson albums that we are dealing with a highly talented artist here. It is not surprised she broke out from that band and went her own ways.

The music is still psych rock with a lot of acid folk influences. There are also some doom and stoner rock influences here.

1970s rock in other words.

Her vocals are really powerful and the music too is based around her vocals and vocal harmonies. And rightly so.

There is a lot to enjoy during these forty odd minutes this album last. The music is always interesting and good. Lots of details here.

There is no killer tracks or hits here. But this is still an album well worth checking out. This is an artist with a great future.

3 points

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