Sunday 28 October 2018

Guru Guru - Rotate ! (2018)

The 22nd album from this German band.

Guru Guru is a quartet with a lineup of drums, kalimba, percussion, bass, guitars, saxophone, flutes and vocals.

This album also marks their 50th anniversary as an entity. An entity which is the drummer Mani Neumaier with friends.

I have reviewed some of their albums for ProgArchives and # 1 of this blog. Not many albums, but enough to get the flavour of this band.

We are in the middle of the krautrock scene again. Rotate gives us an overview what this band has been doing for fifty year.

You get their jazzy space rock, rockabilly, some weirdo pop, some weirdo rock, some avant-garde and a lot of anarcho, wild music.

Gong sometimes springs to mind on this album and with good reasons. But Guru Guru is their own band and have their own sound and music.

The quality on this one hour long album is good throughout and I nodding along to this music. This is a good 50th anniversary album from a band who shows they are still alive and well.... At least, Mani Neumaier is alive and well. I send my congratulations to him and recommend this album.

3 points

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