Sunday 26 August 2018

Phog - Communication (2018)

The debut album from this French multi-instrumentalist.

The guy named Phog plays the guitars, drums, bass and synths here.

We are again being treated to a one-man band. One of many one-man bands around the progressive rock genre.

What we get here is gentle progressive rock somewhere in the Vangelis and Camel area. More Camel than Vangelis, though.

The music is instrumental. The music is pretty ambient and is mostly performed by a mix of synths and gentle guitars picking.

The album is not full of technical details. It is not too ambient and there is some pretty dynamic music here. It is not an album full of explosive music either. It is pretty ambient and relaxing.

The music is decent enough but just that. There is not enough quality here to label this as a good album. Unfortunate, as it is.

2 points

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