Friday 21 August 2020

Constantine - In Memory of a Summer Day (2020)

The second album from this US one man project.

Constantine Hastalis did all the instruments on his own this time. That means mellotron, organ, piano, guitars, bouzouki, tambourine, bass, drums and vocals.

The 2015 debut album Day Of Light was pretty impressive. Acid folk with a lot of other influences. You can read my review somewhere else in this blog.

Constantine continues down the same path on this album, five years later.

Acid folk with some raga-rock, symphonic prog and some chamber rock influences.

The vocals are very good and there is a lot of interesting details here.

The music is mainly acoustic with some mellotron and organ adding a touch of electricity and texture where it feels natural.

The sound and ambience is very good as the listener is being transported back four hundred years in time. And it feels natural.

Constantine has again given us a quality acid folk album and it is about time people open their eyes to his two albums.

3 points

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