Tuesday 2 July 2019

Supersister - Retsis Repus (2019)

The sixth album from this Dutch band.

Supersister is reduced to the founding member Robert Van Stips on keyboards and vocals.
He got help from numerous other musicians on drums, bass, violin, trombone, bass trombone, narration, keyboards and vocals.

This album comes as a big surprise in more than one aspect. That it is here and the quality of it.

Robert Van Stips is a member of a band The Nits after his long stint in Supersister. A band where two members has passed away. Supersister is still a band with a big reputation and it is more than deserved that Robert took his band members in The Nits to a studio to record this album.

And they have not been wasting their time in the studio. This album very much takes us back to the two first really classic Supersister albums. The two that cemented their reputation and two albums who still get new fans.

So what we get is playful Canterbury prog with the good old Supersister keyboards sound. There is a lot of references to Caravan and Soft Machine here.

There are also some nice pop and jazz here. Although in the framework of the Canterbury prog sound.

There is a lot of weird things on this album which is a throwback to the weirdness of Egg too. There is a lot of joys here for a Canterbury prog fan.

The quality is very good and this album will surely cement Supersister's well deserved great reputation. Get this album.

3.5 points

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