Wednesday 18 September 2019

Big Big Train - English Electric Part One (2012)

The seventh album from this British band.

The band is a quintet here with a lineup of banjo, mandolin, guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, drums, accordion, mellotron, harmonica, percussion, narration and vocals.
They were helped out by twenty plus guest musicians who provided woodwinds, flute, strings and vocals.

My respect and interest in this band is increasing, album by album. It is reached fever levels well before I started to listen to this album.

This album is one hour long and gives us prog somewhere in the area of Genesis. Inspired by Genesis and developed further on from them.

The vocalist David Longdon sounds like Peter Gabriel and that is a very good thing.

But where Genesis was at times pretty uncomplicated, Big Big Train takes a couple of steps towards both Gentle Giant and Yes on this album. Van Der Graaf Generator is also a good reference.

If this sounds like a prog lover's dream.... to a large extent, it is. The genre and sound, it is.

The music is very good throughout though and this album is one of those who continues to give. There is no doubt this band also continues to give and give. This album is a good example of that.

3.5 points

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