Friday 14 August 2020

Luup - Meadow Rituals (2011)

The second album from this band from Hellas.

The band is a project of twenty musicians with a lineup of male vocals, female vocals, traditional instruments from Hellas, strings, drums, percussions, woodwinds and guitars.

The 2008 debut album Distress Signal Code was a very bad album. My expectations for this album was therefore very low.

The album title is pretty descriptive for the music.

The music is cinematic ambient with a ritual feeling taking place in an old, ancient meadow.

There is a lot of acoustic instruments here and hardly any electric instruments. I think a synth can be heard and that is all.

The vocals are very good too and there is enough of them to make this an interesting album indeed.

The music is surprisingly dynamic too.

The problem is the quality and there is not enough good music to make this a good album. It is though a substantial upgrade from the debut album. Enough to check out this album if ambient music is your style.

2.5 points

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