Friday 12 July 2019

Roussak. Andrew - Storm Warning (2019)

The third album from this Russian composer and artist.

Andrew Roussak does all the keyboards, programming and synths here himself.
He has got help from some guest musicians and vocalists who adds lead guitars and vocals.

I have yet to sample his two first albums No Trespassing (2008) and Blue Intermezzo (2010) so I cannot comment on his career. He is a member of the German band Dorian Opera and does a lot of studio and freelance work too. That is his professional life.

He gets some time of his dayjob as a session musician to release his own albums too..... Well, not that often.

Storm Warning starts out as a classical instrumental symphonic prog album with a lot synths and keyboards cascades. The music is bombastic, to say at least. This is very much Russian symphonic prog and one-mad-professor-and-his-keyboards landscape.

Bombastic music in other words.

We get a couple of more prog metal and musical tunes here too with vocals and some more pastoral pieces before this fifty minutes long album finished off with another bombardment of synths and keyboards.

The end result is a nice album which will appeal to most people. Nice but not that exciting. I have a good time with this album, but nothing more than that.

3 points

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